Oat Co. Scotland Launch New Website

Sun, 22 Nov 2020

Welcome to the new Oat Co. Scotland website — home of trusted, traceable gluten-free Scottish oats.

Launching our digital presence across web and social media is another exciting chapter in our story as an independent business — committed to high standards and taking the best of proven farming methods and new technology to offer 21st century oat production.

Established by two farming families with generations of experience and history here in Aberdeenshire, this new venture brings the first dedicated gluten-free oat mill to Scotland — and the very first batch of gluten-free oats passed through it in May 2020, a huge milestone.

Our oats are perfect for food product manufacturers who want guaranteed gluten-free status, no-nonsense, responsive customer service and fully traceable provenance from your oat supply.

To find out more about the Booth and Russell families, our shared histories here and what brought us together as Oat Co. Scotland, visit the Our Story page.

Grown and processed to your exact requirements — offering moisture control, variable texture, size and format choices with gluten-free status guaranteed — Oat Co. Scotland offer total traceability, wide variety and excellent consistency, every time. From field choice, to dedicated machinery, to excluding glyphosate from our growing and harvesting, the path from seed to bag for each Oat Co. Scotland oat is carefully structured to ensure gluten-free status and excellent quality.

Read more about our traceability, our oat varieties and our process on the Our Oats page — and visit here for details on our pioneering use of 'blockchain' technology to offer full provenance and assurance across the supply chain.

"Oats are tried and tested — full of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Their health benefits are only matched by their versatility — sweet or savoury; warm or cold; morning, noon or night."

Aside from the tradition of growing them here on our farms, and the high year-round demand for them, we really believe in the goodness of oats.

They're 'Scotland's Superfood' for a number of very good reasons — our soil and climate are perfect for growing them, they're good for digestion, they keep blood sugar regulated and their uses are so varied and numerous, everything from morning porridge to skincare products.

For a quick breakdown of the key benefits of oats in your diet, visit our Oats and You page.

Oat Co. Scotland are a family business with real personal investment, a 'no fuss' approach and extra care taken to ensure the best gluten-free oats possible, every time — and we are open for business. If you have an enquiry or want to find out more about what we can do for you and your products, Contact Us and we'll be in touch.

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