Two Families, Intertwined Histories

Oat Co. Scotland was co-founded by the Booths and Russells — two families with generations of farming heritage and farms just five miles apart. They've been growing oats for decades, with every new generation holding the same goal — to care for the land and make it even better for the next.

Savock Farm holds huge significance for the Booths — who live there — and also the Russells, who farmed the very same land at Savock just four generations ago.

While our eyes are fixed firmly on the future, the past means a lot to all of us, and it feels like no coincidence that this place has brought our families together once more.

Planning it, Building it, Growing it

Our two families have a long history of cooperation and growing Scottish oats, and this cooperative approach led the Booth and Russell families to start planning a new joint venture — to build a dedicated gluten-free oat mill for the production of pure, healthy oat products.

Friendship and shared passion has inspired both of our families, and it has taken years of relentless research to find exactly the right equipment to match our expectations — ensuring a healthy product that can be delivered consistently.

In May 2020, we reached a milestone for Oat Co. Scotland — batches of gluten-free oats were passed through Scotland's only dedicated, BRC accredited gluten-free oat mill . Our mill.

These oats were grown on the families' farms — carrying forward the immense dedication of generations before us to provide traceable, healthy, gluten-free oats.