Scotland on Sunday

Sun, 20 Dec 2020

Pick up today's issue of Scotland on Sunday to read all about Oat Co. Scotland — and Scotland's first ever gluten-free oat plant.

We're really pleased to share our story with the country — two North East Scotland families collaborating together, investing together and growing an exciting new business that relies on farming expertise, new technology and regenerative, responsible methods. The result — excellent gluten-free Scottish oats.

Co-founder Andrew Booth said: “We recognised a niche opportunity to grow a Scottish gluten free oat range with full assurance throughout the whole process, which was not something that anyone else was offering.

“We have created a unique facility for Scotland which will not only create jobs and support our local economy, but it will help to showcase the north east food sector across the world. Debbie and I already have a strong background in the food industry and in retail food production and sales so we are positive the product will be well received across Europe and further afield.”

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